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About New Song Anabaptist Fellowship

The beginnings of New Song Anabaptist Fellowship

New Song Anabaptist Fellowship was birthed out of the sense of call, as Pastor Lawrence and Basil, the founders, were lead in this new direction.

We started through prayer and discernment in early 2008

We started fellowshipping in one of the Cornerstone buildings.We move into a bigger building on March 16, 2008, after cleaning, renovating, painting, and adding new carpeting. Pastor Lawrence and I felt that we had prepared a place for our people, therefore we planned our first public service, and it was held on May 11, 2008

Pastor Lawrence and Pastor Basil lead the congregation in two life giving series on the book of Joshua and Nehemiah.

The Cornerstone property was sold in 2008.  The new owners who are working with Eastern Mennonite Elementary School joined us in the summer of 2008.

Pastor Lawrence felt called to do ministry in another place; therefore he was released to that ministry.

Eastern Mennonite Elementary and New Song began sharing the building for a while.

Pastor Basil and some of the members lead the congregation in a 10 week series on Evangelism.  This was a blessing for us.

After another time of prayer and discernment, it was time to make another move. We moved to 3156 North Valley Pike on April 1, 2009. Our first service was held on Palm Sunday April 5, 2009.  In this service we shared the communion (The Lord’s Super) and for the first time, we practice the washing of one another’s feet.  This was a powerful experience.

We participated in a powerful healing service on Maundy Thursday, April 9, 2009.  This service was to help us deal with the many transitions we went through.

Sister Peggy died on Saturday April 11, the day before Easter of 2009.  Mother Peggy was on one of the charter member and the first death in our congregation.

We celebrated our first Resurrection Service on April 12, 2009.

About Pastor Basil Marin

Pastor Basil's ministry began in Los Angeles as the Assistant Pastor and Pastor of Family Mennonite Church. He earned an Associates Degree from Sierra College of Business and a BA from Goshen College. He then became the pastor of Immanuel Mennonite Church in Harrisonburg and earned an MDiv from Eastern Mennonite University.

Pastor Basil has been a Board Member of the Harrisonburg Boys and Girls CLub, the Mennonite Missions Network, the Virginia Mennonite Conference, the Living Water Ministry, and the Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions.

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