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Welcome to New Song Anabaptist Fellowship

We are Celebrating our Church Retreat from, Friday evening 8:00pm to Sunday 1:00pm, October 5th to 7th, 2012 – this coming Weekend.

Our regular service will be on Sunday Morning at High Retreat at 10:00am, in the Mountain View Retreat Center.

Because of our Church Retreat at Highland Retreat Center, in the Mountain View Retreat Center, we are not going to have our regular Sunday morning worship service in our building in Harrisonburg this Sunday, at 3156 North Valley Pike. Please come and join us at Highland Retreat, or please find another local church to worship this Sunday.

Come and join us again next Sunday or any other Sunday.

Our resource couple is Kyle and Amy Ledyard.

Our theme for the Weekend is: "Walking in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit."

The blessings of The Lord be with you.

Our Vision:
"We are God's Ambassadors, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, who Transforms Lives."

We Commit to Worship, Honor, and Obey the Father.
We Commit to Care for, and Equip, the Followers of Jesus Christ for Ministry.
We Commit to Break Down Dividing Walls, by Sharing the Gospel Locally, and Globally, with the Help of the Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom begins when our ability ends….

The ark:  It had never rained before. The first boat of its kind. Noah followed God’s instructions and voice. The people mocked and ridiculed him and his family. Noah wasn't a boat builder. It had never rained before. Then it rained. Noah’s faith was that of Abraham and more. Noah placed his trust and very life in God’s provision.

The fortress: Jericho never fell before. It was securely shut up, none went out and none came in. They thought it couldn't fall. Fear gripped the land.

The Kingdom: God’s ways many times do not make sense. The Kingdom begins when our ability ends. When our rights are surrendered; Jesus steps in.

1 Corinthians 1:17-18

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